kcw_hatha_yogha_januari_2018My name is Asia Jokiel and I’m internationally certified Yoga teacher. Starting in January 2018 I will be offering classical Hatha Yoga classes at the Cultuur Huis in Woudenberg.
Historically the practice of Hatha was used to prepare the bodies of the monks for extremely long meditation – sitting for hours in the same position, with their backs straight and legs crossed. Regular practice of Hatha is increasing flexibility of the spine, strengthening the bones and stimulating the circulatory systems. It is designed to release tension and stress in body and mind, bringing you to a state of relaxation.
Classical Hatha Yoga is a slowly paced and meditative practice but still very powerful and challenging. It’s suitable for all: complete beginners and more advanced practitioners. Difficulty level progresses with time – I can modify each pose for you to make it harder or easier. Class takes 75 minutes and is built around a special sequence invented by one of the greatest Yoga teachers of all times – Swami Sivananda from Retakes in the North India. Every class starts with pranayama (breathing exercises); followed by warm up with Sun Salutations and asanas (yoga poses). Every class finishes with 15 minutes of guided deep relaxation.
I like to think of myself as down-to-earth yoga teacher with non-judgmental teaching style. I will always respect your boundaries and limitations, but in the same time I will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and go for a challenge. You can expect some hard work, but one that will address YOUR personal needs and goals.
In order to be possibly the best yoga teacher, I need to be a student as well. Progress in yoga never finishes, and to become better I try to learn from the best. I did my Teacher Training Course at famous Arhanta Yoga International and every year I travel to India, Nepal or South East-Asia to join local yoga classes and learn more about different yoga styles and methods of teaching.
If you want to now about me and my classes, please check out asianayoga.com. More information about the times and prices will appear soon!
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Asia Jokiel